Appreciating Nature with a Dive in Agutayan. Dive Cagayan de Oro Today.

Visitors of Cagayan de Oro looking for Dive Centers around usually find good diving spots around Misamis Oriental. But most are surprised to find one so close in Agutayan, Jasaan, a marine sanctuary 45 mins away from the city. With a coastline facing the west, divers are treated with wonderful sunsets at the end of their dives.

Somehow divers get these killer sunsets after a day of diving. This is what we mean by “diving is a lifestyle”, we appreciate what seems mundane to most.

This is just one of the perks of a good day of diving. You get something new in each visit, whether a great burst from a wonderful sunset, or a chance encounter with a family of devil rays (and white tips, too!).

And Agutayan Marine Sanctuary never fails to give you more.

When you’re in Cagayan de Oro or anywhere in Misamis Oriental, plan your trip with a giant stride with Scuba de Oro.

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